Elevate your mentorship program.

Latte isn't just a mentorship platform: it’s a gamified ecosystem in which 1:1 mentorship is the ultimate reward.
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Your mentorship program shouldn't be slow, boring, and unintuitive.

Our AI-enabled technology instantly matches members of your organization with mentors, while making connection easy and accessible.

Step 1: You x Latte

We build your organization's companion app using Latte's mentorship ecosystem. Yes, with your branding! 

Step 2: Choose your content!

Users earn beans by interacting with content of your choice. This can be anything: tips/resources, events, or even coffee vouchers!

Step 3: Get Mentored! 

Your community spends beans to connect with your organization's mentors. From there, make an intro and schedule meetings! 

Step 4: See the impact! 

See the impact of your organization's mentorship program. Meetings taken, hours mentored, conversation topics, everything!